Netflix's 'Spaceman' is my most anticipated film at Berlin Film Festival


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Adam Sandler as Jakub in Spaceman

(Image credit: Larry Horricks/Netflix)

Film festival season never ends, but the peak of the winter season is here. The Berlinale Film Festival kicked off yesterday (Feb. 15), bringing tons of new movies to Berlin. Some are competing for the Golden Bear — 20 films will compete for the Berlin Film Festival's top prize — but dozens more will be screened during the festival.

But there's one movie among all the ones on offer that I'm most excited about. Starring Adam Sandler as Czech cosmonaut Jakub Procházka, "Spaceman" looks like it could be a major hit for Netflix when it debuts at the festival on February 21. I'm not the only one eyeing this film either, we raved about it earlier this year when the trailer first dropped.

The reason I'm most excited is that this science-fiction drama looks set to be a rare grounded performance from Sandler as the solitary spaceman. That's not a bad thing, because frankly some of his best performances throughout his career are the more serious ones. And he's joined by a small but talented cast that includes Paul Dano and Carey Mulligan, who just received her third Academy Award nomination.