IRS Solutions launches tool to detect changes to client transcripts


Staff member
IRS Solutions Software, which makes tax software, added an IRS Advance Notice capacity that notifies accountants of changes to their client's IRS transcripts, sometimes months before a notice is sent to them by mail. This reduces the need to manually sift through complex transcripts for critical changes, and allows accountants to be more proactive in their client service offerings. After a one-time setup, users securely connect to the IRS Transcript Delivery System through a proprietary agency-approved integration, then select from a list of IRS transaction codes they want to be notified about. Weekly transcript updates are fed directly into the client's profile. The solution observes and alerts users to changes like approvals of Form 2848 (Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative) and Form 8821 (Tax Information Authorization); impending audits; federal tax liens; installment agreement modifications; Offer in Compromise activity and passport holds.