Argylle Box Office Hangs On To Top Spot In 2024's Lowest Grossing Weekend


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Argylle is an action thriller by director Matthew Vaughn. The movie centers on an introverted novelist who is thrown into the real world of espionage after the plot of her most recent spy thriller parrels the crimes of an underground syndicate. Argylle has a star-studded cast, including Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Dua Lipa, and Samuel L. Jackson, among others.

Argylle holds the top spot at the box office over the lowest-grossing weekend of 2024, despite its poor performance.
The lack of major wide releases and heightened interest in the Super Bowl have likely contributed to the dismal box office performance.
The box office only saw $42 million this weekend, one of the lowest Super Bowl weekends outside pandemic years.

Argylle manages to hold onto the top spot at the box office over the lowest grossing weekend of 2024. The Matthew Vaughn-directed spy comedy proved to be a significant misfire, both critically and commercially. Upon its release, it managed to top the box office, but only because of the lack of other major wide releases this month. It only drew in $18 million on its opening weekend against a whopping estimated budget of $200 million. Still, despite a significant drop during its second week, the film managed to hang onto its No. 1 spot.

As reported by Variety, Argylle topped the box office during the lowest-grossing weekend of the year. The film maintained the No. 1 spot with $6.5 million, a 62% drop from its first weekend performance. Coming in second was Zelda Williams' feature-length directorial debut, Lisa Frankenstein, with a modest $3.8 million. In total, the box office saw $42 million this weekend, which is both the lowest weekend in 2024 and one of the lowest Super Bowl weekends outside pandemic years.