7 Money Making Ways Online in Nigeria for 2024


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7 Lucrative Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria in 2024
Making money is currently the foremost concern for many Nigerians, particularly regarding online opportunities.

This concern arises because most Nigerians haven’t witnessed tangible salary increases. Simultaneously, inflation is devouring a significant portion of their take-home pay.

Many individuals are left with virtually nothing after covering transportation and food expenses, which have skyrocketed this year.

In Southwestern Nigeria, a bag of rice now costs ₦60,000, double the country’s minimum wage(₦30,000).

I could delve deeper into the plight of the average Nigerian, a reality you’re likely already aware of. However, we’ve consistently had two options:

  1. Continuously complain, expecting politicians to resolve all issues and provide handouts.
  2. Take full responsibility for our situations, focusing on seizing available opportunities to improve our circumstances.
If option 1 (blaming others) is your sole solution, this article may not resonate with you. But if option 2 (taking responsibility and seeking opportunities) appeals to you, keep reading.